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In this page we will, progressively, upload the public outcomes of the project

Work package

Pilot Regions

Report on state-of-the-art of electric and autonomous mobility policies and business models

Global overview about existing mobility patterns as well as electric mobility policies and business models in the pilot sites

Report on test site mobility analysis

Report with the in-depth information and insights collected at the two test sites and their comparison

April 2020

June 2020

Work package

Mobility of Tomorrow

Literature review regarding future mobility scenarios

Report of the wide literature review regarding future mobility scenarios

Mobility of tomorrow scenarios: diffusion of autonomous vehicles and their implications

Report detailing all the scenarios envisioned for the future of mobility created with the multiple stakeholders. It will be highlight the diffusion of autonomous vehicles

July 2020

January 2021

Work package

Impact Evaluation

Performance assessment of charge-scheduling/V2G algorithms using data from the selected pilot sites

The developed algorithms are tested by using real-life data from the selected demo sites.

EVs hosting capacity of the pilot sites and guidelines for grid expansion strategies including distributed energy resource

Hosting capacity of the selected pilot sites is quantified, and guidelines for optimal grid upgrades are delivered.

December 2021

December 2021

Work package

Regional Transition

New business models to cope with ECAVs/ESAVs diffusion

Slate of business models and integrated approaches (with associated impact criteria). Both, the generic integrated business models, and also site-specific ones that emerged from WP5 tests.

Guidelines for the ECAVs/ESAVs transition on the regional level

The definition of strategic guidelines will begin with and focused on recommendations, directives, certification standards and guidelines - from policy and research projects.

July 2022

August 2022